Проект регионального общественного движения "Культура и Здоровье"

Национальный Институт Сексологии им. С.Т. Агаркова

Агарков Сергей ТихоновичАгарков Сергей Тихонович

Доктор медицинских наук,  профессор кафедры психологии личности МГУ, член-корреспондент Международной академии информатизации, профессор кафедры психотерапии, медицинской психологии и сексологии Российской медицинской академии последипломного образования, заместитель председателя Российского научного сексологического общества – РНСО, почетный член Русского психоаналитического общества, почетный член Харьковской академии сексологических исследований,  почетный профессор Санкт-Петербургского института психологии и сексологии, член Всесоюзной (затем Евразийской) ассоциации сексологов,  генеральный секретарь Межрегионального общественного движения в поддержку сексуальной культуры «Культура и здоровье» . В качестве генерального секретаря представлял Сексологическую ассоциацию «Культура и здоровье» во Всемирной ассоциации сексологов (1991–2000г.) и Обществе научного изучения сексуальности» (1991–2000г.), профессор кафедры сексологии Академии социально-экономического развития. Подробнее >>>


Sergei Agarkov

Doctor of medical sciences, a professor of the department of psychology of personality of the State University, a corresponding member of the Academy of International Informatization, a professor of the Department of psychotherapy, medical psychology sexology of the Russian Academy of Post-Graduate Education, a deputy chairman of the Russian Scientific Sexological Society — RSSS, an honorary member of the Russian psychoanalytical society, an honorary member of the Kharkiv Academy for Sexological research, a honorary professor of the St. Petersburg  Institute of Psychology and Sexology, a member of All-Union (later on Eurasian) association of sexologists, General Secretary of the Interregional Public Movement in favour of sexual culture "Culture and Health." As the General Secretary he presented Sexological Association «Culture and Health” at the All-Union association of sexologists (1991-2000) and at the Society of Scientific Sexuality Research" (1991-2000), a professor of the Department of sexology of the Academy of Socio-economic development.

Sergey Agarkov was born January 25, 1951 in Yalta, the Crimea region (Ukraine). His father Agarkov Tikhon (1919-1980), his mother — Anna Sinitsyna (1920-1999). His spouse — Tatiana Agarkova (1951) is a sexologist, a Candidate of medical sciences. They have 3 children (2 sons and a daughter) and nine grandchildren.

His grandfather Tikhon Agarkov was born in the village not far from Belgorod. At the age of 14 he was sent to the vacational school in  Komsomolsk. He participated in Komsomol construction projects. After finishing the vocational school he became a commander of a tank battalion, participated in the military operation at the Lake Khasan in 1938. During the Second World War he was a deputy commander of a tank platoon and a tank battalion, participated in the military actions against Japan.

Anna Sinitsyna was born not far from Chelyabinsk in the family of peasants. She graduated the medical school, later on the medical institute in Omsk. She showed ability to the science. She has a strong will and tried to get to the front. She was sent to the Far East, where she met her future husband. There she became the Head of the tuberculosis hospital. In 1944 A. Sinitsyna fell ill with tuberculosis, and was sent to receive medical treatment to Yalta . After that she started working in the Yalta tuberculosis sanatorium, later she worked in the I.M. Sechenov Scientific Research Institute, presented her dissertation. She was the Head of the Exercise Therapy and Physiotherapy Department. After retiring she was a physician in A.P. Chekhov tuberculosis sanatorium.

In 1947 after army-discharged Tikhon Agarkov came to Yalta and got an appointment of the Head of the sanatorium motor pool. As he was Captain, a veteran and a member of the Communist party, he was sent to serve in the militia. He graduated the Leningrad militia school and served for 20 years in the Yalta criminal investigation office, serving until getting the post of the Head of the operating unit.

Sergey Agarkov was growing up in a communal flat, where 20 families lived. Their house was well known in Yalta. Before the revolution this house was the famous artist and philanthropist G. F Yartsev’s summer house. A. M Gorky, A. P Chekhov, F. I Shalyapyn, I.A Bunin often visited this house. The atmoshere created by these great people has been preserved for many years. Anyway the atmosphere in the Agarkov’s house was creative and festive. Many visitors came to their house — employees of the institute, where his mother served, doctors, professors, father’s collegues.  

In 1958  Sergei Agarkov started studying at the secondary school № 5 in Yalta — a formerly women upper secondary school. It was founded by A.P.Chehov, who was a Chairman of  the School Board. In the Soviet times  the  school was turned into the general secondary  school with preserved traditions  – former teaching staff still worked there transferring knowledge and creating a strong moral basis. S. Agarkov has beautiful memories about those times. After lessons he was interested in regional study – the Junior Academy of Science “Krymoiskatel” was founded in the Crimea. At weekends children went to the forest, tracked on mountains, discovered the magic world of  caves. There was one more hobby  — an operating unit at the juvenile delinquents' department.  Despite his father’s objections Sergei was its member. It was a positive group of teenagers resisting unjustness. They managed to solve conflicts, avoid violence, to carry out preventive maintenance. It was a good life school for Sergey.  

Sergey was a good student, he won many city academic competitions — in mathematics, physics, geography. He was fond of politics and economics. He received the certificate for entering to the Economics Faculty of the Kiev university without exams, but when he was in senior forms he started learning psychological and  psychiatric literature that fascinated him so much that a young man wanted  this interesting and important sphere to be  his future profession

In 1968 S. Agarkov graduated the secondary school with distinction and entered the Crimea State Medical University in Simferopol. When he was a student of the 2nd and 3rd courses he studied medical psychology, later he was scrubbed to the Department of Psychiatry and began to dig in the subject of his interest. The institute had excellent teachers. Agarkov was greatly influenced by the Head of the Psychiatry department professor A. N. Kornetov – a son of a professor's family, a dissident in psychiatry, an interesting man who based his scientific work on the traditions of theclassical German school. A. N. Kornetov was attracted with an oppositional psychiatric doctrine – the base of his brilliant school. He became one of the founders of the doctrine about the genetics origin of mental illness and psychosurgery. Many of his students have made a significant contribution to modern psychiatry. The professor taught the students the philosophy of life: "Dispute in everything, do not vote like everyone, try to find a contradiction in the fact if it seems consistent." A. N Kornetov’s feature was a form of original freedom combined with excellent knowledge of major psychiatric classics. At that time it was considered to be a rare occurrence.

During his studies at the Institute Sergey Agarkov became a member of the student scientific society, the head boy and he stopped his relations with the Department of psychiatry. He had an active public life. S. Agarkov was  responsible for voluntary people’s guard and Komsomol operating unit. He went in for various kinds of sports — sambo, judo, he became a candidate for master of sports, attended the Aero Club, participated in sports competitions. His student life was intense, but Sergei succeeded in everything – at nights he was a nurse at the Department of Surgery and Traumatology, where he was of high standing and was offered a job after graduation, but psychiatry was his the only interest.

In 1974 Sergei Agarkov graduated the Medical Faculty with distinction, in 1975 — internship in psychiatry. Since1975 to 1976 he served as a psychiatrist at the Yalta psycho-neurologic dispensary. In 1976 he became a psychotherapist, a sexologist in Feodosiya psycho-neurologic dispensary, combining the work of a practitioner with an active research – he met colleagues, participated in conferences in Kiev, Kharkov, Moscow.

In 1979 S. Agarkov became a research scientist at the Kharkov Scientific Research Institute of Neurology and Psychiatry of the Ukrainian republican scientific-methodical center of psychotherapy. At the same time he was the senior specialist on sexology at the Kharkov City Health Department. In Kharkov, a large research center, the Institute of Neurology and Psychiatry had its own traditions, there was the only in Ukraine the Research Center for psychotherapy and the clinic in it. The activity was very well structured, a strong scientific school was founded, specialized scientific councils were formed, and serious scientific and organizational work was held. Under the supervision of Agarkov a group of sexology was formed. Sergei Agarkov kept to participate in conferences, wrote articles, the dissertation. The Kharkov period was very intense and fruitful for him. Those years  became the time when advanced methods of psychotherapy appeared using western trends: group therapy, psychodrama, psycodrawing.

In 1984 Agarkov left for Moscow at the invitation of the patriarch of the Russian sexology, a professor G. S Vasilchenko, defended his dissertation, and became a part of the scientific elite of the capital.  He got an appointment of the Head of the Department of neuroses at the Central Moscow Regional Clinical Psychiatric Hospital and at the same time he was a senior therapist of the Moscow region, where he served until 1988. Sergei Agarkov was engaged in the launching medical offices and departments, staff recruitment.  He was a Head of  the hospital where scientific conferences were held. In 1987-1988 Agarkov developed regulations of the Ministry of Health to introduce a specialty of sexologist and sexual aid organizations in the country. Due to his assistance in 1988 the country's first self-supporting diagnostic and treatment center "Medicine and reproduction" for the treatment of sexual and reproductive disorders and in 1990 — the Moscow city center for sex culture education were organized.

In 1988- 1991 S. T. Agarkov was a senior scientist at the Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry, at the Scientific and Methodological Center of sexology/ He was engaged in a variety of management issues — holding conferences, determining personnel policies, interaction with regional offices, coordination of practical work.

In 1991 Sergei Agarkov was elected as a leader (General Secretary) of a newly formed non-governmental organization – the sexological association "Culture and Health" (in 2004 the organization was transformed into a regional social movement in favour of sexual culture "Culture and Health"). The Association supported the activities of the fund HIV research, dealt with matters of the sexual education, continued to set up the country's first city center of sexual culture. S. T. Agarkov is the author of numerous guidelines, he gave lectures at schools and pedagogical institutions. He was engaged in the general educational activity, though to it was a great deal to get something moving after the entire non-existence. In the early years of the organization about 30 private special sexological  medical centers carrying out its research were set up with the direct participation of S. Agarkov

In 1991 the Law on Mass Media, which formulated the concept of erotica was passed. It was a notable event in this intimate area for professionals and the public. It was the start of the  official expert activity, about three dozen publishers appeared. S. T. Agarkov, an established expert, was a supervisor of popular and science books. He wrote reviews, was engaged in scientific editing. New treatments were tested, gynecological and sexological offices were set up, where the best specialists of the city received patients at reasonable prices. In 1992-1993 S. T. Agarkov participated in the launching the programs for student sex education. In 1993-1994, the first automated system for computer-sex research was introduced, which is currently being piloted in dozens of hospitals. This project was quite advanced for its time.

In 1994-1997 S.T. Agarkov was involved in the development of the draft of a bill "About the state regulation of turnover of a sexual production" in the working party of the Committee on Culture of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. For a long period of time a working  party on the developing the examination of sex education programs had been active, relations with the media and television programs were kept, the advisory  on the medical center’s activity were given, scientific conferences were held. In 1988 there was a project "Speed-info". In 1992 – 1997 S.  Agarkov  was a member of the editorial board, in 1994 – 1995 he collaborated with the "Venus-press", "AiF-Love." Since 2004, he has been the senior editor of the public-political website sex-barometer.ru.

In 1990-1992 he gave the original information intensive courses and internships for sexologists at the  SMA "Soyuzmedinform",  in 1992-1994 he gave postgraduate education courses for teachers about  adolescent sexuality and sex education of students under the international programs of  the Center for forming sexual culture. Since 2002 he gave the author's course at the Faculty of Psychology at the Moscow State University.

On his initiative the first specialized expert board on the identification of erotic and pornographic material (1991-2004) was set up. It united the best experts in the field of sexology, law, art history, their task was working out the criteria of pornography, unaffiliated professional assessment. Sergey  Agarkov organized the pilot production of orthopedic products for sexology based at the CSRI rubber latex products (2000). In 2000 – 2005 he was the Head of the National sexological association, he participated  in the annual scientific-practical conferences "Social and psychological problems of modern sexology," the annual exhibitions "Eros-Moscow" and erotic art festivals. S. T. Agarkov is a participator of a number of television projects, the major program was "About it", which was on for two years. As an expert he took part in the programs "The Subject", "What does a  woman want", "Domino Principle", "Without complexes", "Sexual Revolution" and others.

S. T.  Agarkov is an  author of the book "Married maladjustment" (2004), co-author of monographs "Neuroses and sexual disorders" (1985), "General medical problems of therapeutic practice" (1983), "Private Sexual Pathology: A Guide for Doctors" (1983), "Sexual pathology. Handbook "(1990),"Fundamentals of female sexuality "(1998).

He studied the mechanisms of sexual dysfunction in patients with neuroses (1980-1986), developed the concept of sexual adjustment in marriage and its disorders (1988-1992), a system of clinical trials of overseas sexual stimulants (1995-1996). In collaboration with the company "Nizar" Agarkov carried out the first series of domestic skin care products for sexuality based on the "blue blood" (1994-1995).



Our history

The founder of modern sexology in the USSR is G. S. Vasilchenko (1921-2006), a professor, MD, the Head of the Department of Sexology at the Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry and the All-Union scientific and methodical center, a senior sexologist at the Ministry of Health. He is a implementator of the research method and an advocate of sexology as an independent specialty. He is an author of the first guidelines for medical sexologists.

Alongside with him his a great contribution to the development of sexology was made ​​by such scholars as:

Svyadosch A. M. (1914 -1997) — a professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, a Soviet and Russian psychiatrist, a psychotherapist and a sexologist. In collaboration with with I. A. Popov he initiated serious research under the A. Kinsey’s program in Karaganda. He is an author of one of the first monographs "Women's sexual pathology", where he described disgamiya, that is, sexual disharmony. He is a founder of the original series of psychotherapeutic techniques. He set up the first self-supporting sexological service in Leningrad.

Kon I. S. (1928 2011) –

An academician of the Russian Academy of Education, a professor, Ph.D., a professor of some international academies, a sexuality researcher and an author of several dozen books on sexology. He participated in  many international conferences on philosophy, sociology, anthropology and sexology, the honorary chairman of the RSSS.

The baton was picked up and studies of sexuality in Russia were conducted by:
Vyacheslav Maslov, Botneva Irina, Georgiy Deinega,  Yuriy Reshetnyak, Igor Gorpinchenko,  Alexander Boukhanovsky,  Agarkov Sergey, Lev Scheglov, Nikolai Kibrik and others.

Socio-political transformation in Russia in 1991 resulted in radical changes in the sexual science and practice. First of all, it concerns the creating the sexual association "Culture and Health" the same year bringing together all experts and scientists of the former Soviet Union. The Presidium of the Association included such famous scientists as G. S. Vasilchenko, I. S. Kon, I. I. Gorpinchenko, L. M. Scheglov, N.D. Kibrik, S. S. Libih, A. A. Tkachenko, G. E. Vvedenskiy, A.N.Haritonov, E. A. Kaschenko, V. A Domoratskiy, G.B.Deryagin, Yu.B.Ryurikov, M. M. Sokolschik, V. V. Guldan and others. S.T. Agarkov becamethe Head of the association The basic principle of the association  was an interdisciplinary approach, providing participation of experts and scholars not only in the organization of clinical and psychological advisory and treatment policy, but also, for the first time in the country's history, active public  life. It resulted in the setting up the Expert Commission at the Government of St. Petersburg on evaluation of erotic products and services (L.M.Scheglov) and the Advisory Council of the Sexological Association "Culture and Health" in Moscow (S.T.Agarkov).

The activities of these organizations have provided a unique and valuable experience in this sphere, appreciated not only by domestic but also foreign specialists. Two years later, the association became a part of the World Association of Sexology and the International Society of Scientific Study of Sexuality. In 2004 it was transformed into a regional social movement in favour of sexual culture "Culture and Health."

In the early years of the organization about 30 private special sexological  medical centers carrying out its research were set up with the direct participation of S. Agarkov. In 2000 – 2005 he was the Head of the National sexological association, participated in the annual scientific-practical conferences "Social and psychological problems of modern sexology,"  annual exhibitions "Eros Moscow "and erotic art festivals.

In addition the association has prepared a draft bill on the providing services and the distribution of sexual products which later was changed significantly.

Some time later the main trends were formed:

— research and advisory activities, resulted in the development of training programs and the publication of a number of fundamental sexological monographs;
— the development of criteria for expert distinguishing of erotic  publications, films, products and services;
— the development of expert assessments of dietary supplements used in the field of sexuality;
— the organization of training seminars, scientific conferences, international congresses;
— the development of programs for learning and teaching sexology for doctors, psychologists, teachers, social workers;
— permanent work aimed at improving the sexual culture of the population and the development of adequate and balanced views on sexuality in the society.

Suffice it to recall such popular and important projects of the association as the TV program "About It" "Adam's apple" columns in the magazines "Psychology", "Cosmopolitan", "Snob", in newspapers "Speed-info", "AiF" and numerous other television and radio programs and materials in print.
 Educational seminars and lecture courses allowed the association to set up a Russian national sexological school, the objects of which are still relevant today.


The Association carries out a number of scientific and practical projects, such as the foundation of RSSS (Russian scientific sexological society) 5 years ago.  Agarkov Sergey was elected as  the President, deputy chairman of RSSS were Lev Scheglov, Nikolay Kibrik, Georgiy Vvedenskyi, Michail Sokolschik, an academic secretary and the organizer of the  RSSS was Eugeniy Kashchenko. This organization recovered the glory of  Eurasian and Russian associations of sexologists and at the same time announced the creation of the scientific community, where sexology is considered to be an interdisciplinary sphere. Professor,  Doctor of Philosophy Igor Kon was unanimously elected as an honorary Chairman of the RSSS. RSSS is improving rapidly moving from the standard group of like-minded people to new units. During these years the web magazine "World of sexology", the Centre for psychology of relationships and sexuality education, the Department of human sexuality, the Centre of sexual health, professional associations of doctors, sexologists, Professional sexological union, the  Training center of relations, the library  of the RSSS were set up at the initiative and with the participation of members of the scientific community.

2012 was the start of a fundamentally new association’s project, namely the NIS (the National Institute of Sexology). Unfortunately the project is hung up because of  the death of two key figures in the national sexology — Igor Kon and Sergey Agarkov.
At present the NIS (S.T.Agarkov National Institute of Sexology) is starting its work designated and defined with purposes and objectives of the Movement "Culture and Health".

 National Institute of Sexology
President of the Institute Lev Shcheglov,
 Director — Tatiana Agarkova,
 Program Coordinator – N. V. Dobaeva is  planning its work in active collaboration with such organizations and institutions as sexology department of the Moscow Research Institute of Psychiatry,  the Serbskiy Scientific and Research Institute of Forensic Psychiatry, the Russian psychotherapeutic and psychoanalytic societies, the  Moscow Psycho endocrinology Center, the Department of Psychology of personality at the MSU and the Department of  Psychology at the BSU, the Department of Sexology at the Mechnikov Northwestern University (SPb), the Department of Sexology of the Kiev Institute of Urology, the Kharkov Academy of Sexuality, etc.
NIS is organizing a series of training seminars not only for specialists in the field of sexuality, but also for everyone who wants to gain knowledge in this field.
NIS invites all concerned individuals and organizations!


Today we remember and love those who are no longer with us.
The first were
• Posvyanskiy Pavel
• Porudominskiy Ilya
• Liebih Sergey
• Belkin Aaron
• Svyadosch Abram
• Ivanov Nikolai
• Vasilchenko Georgiy
• Kon Igor
• Krishtahl Valentin,
• Rozhanovskaya Zinaida
• Yunda Ivan
• Agarkov Sergey
    and many others …